Our definition of leadership democratizes leadership and gives access to the levers and dials that can make a difference. We define leadership as creating a future that would not exist unless it’s created; that literally gives access to anyone of sound mind.

We are committed to Africa’s transformation.  For us, transformation does not mean change – as in “transform a business,” “transform a city,” or “transform your life.”

Our definition of transformation is possibility.

We are bullish about Africa. We live inside our vision of an Africa that works for everyone.  Our vision is not something out there; we are the clearing in which Africa works for everyone!

When we say we are in the business of leadership transformation, we mean we are in the business of enabling African leaders can see the possibility of an African that works for everyone.

Until leaders see – really see – the possibility of an Africa that works for everyone, our job is incomplete.

When leaders see, live inside an African that works for everyone, their molecules change.  When this happens, the issues – or challenges confronting the leader – are now dealing with a different person! That’s transformation.

While we acknowledge the enormity of the challenges facing Africa, we are also alive to the enormous possibilities in Africa.  We don’t walk alone. To effectively reach our four target audiences – women, youth, scientists and faith changemakers – the ALT Foundation partners with African and international organizations. In Africa, we work closely with Africa universities, institutions of higher learning, science and religious organizations.

Women and youth are our core target audience. The reason for this is that progress on reaching gender parity has stalled and even gone backwards because of the Covid pandemic.  It will now take more than 135 years to close the gender gap worldwide, up from 99 years in 2020, according to the World Economic Forum’s latest Global Gender Gap Report.

Almost 60% of Africa’s population is under the age of 25, making Africa the world’s youngest continent.  Creating thriving, equitable economies that empower women and youth requires the involvement of both. This is why the ALT Foundation has a very intentional focus on youth leadership.

The ALT Foundation also focuses on Africa’s faith community. We view Africa’s faith-inspired changemakers as the unsung heroes of the Covid pandemic.  Most are trained to nourish the spiritual hunger of their followers; however, the Covid pandemic has underlined the need for “systems leadership,” the ability to understand the complex dynamics that result in hunger, drug abuse, teenage suicides and other social vices.

Africa lags substantially behind the rest of the world in science, technology and innovation which, as numerous development reports have argued, underpin the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  The ALT Foundation’s response is that “science leadership” is critical to transforming lives and livelihoods.