In 2016, four Kenyan women attended the Being a Leader and the Effective Exercise of Leadership course in Dubai. They returned home promising to make a contribution to The Kenya We Want Now and Beyond.

These women contributed to leadership transformation in Kenya and many other African countries.  They are now playing important leadership roles and were “the clearing” for the training of an estimated 300 leaders from nearly a dozen African countries who have done the Being a Leader course.  Each of them left the course expressing effective leadership as their natural self-expression and a commitment to create a future bigger than themselves.

The ALT Foundation started as an idea to create wider access to the leadership transformation.  As founder members of the One Africa Initiatives (OAI), we are committed to creating a thriving African community of leadership transformation both on the continent and in the diaspora.

The Foundation existed informally for four years before its launch in March 2019.  Below are critical milestones of a three-year journey:

Year 1: Within the first year, the Foundation was operational in three of the target 10 African countries.  The key milestone was hosting the Being a Leader course in Ghana, where African course instructors from Kenya and Ghana co-led the course.

Year 2: In March 2020, soon after the Ghana course, the Covid pandemic hit, forcing the Foundation to rethink its strategy.  An online strategy was successfully tested in Zambia and 50 “climate leaders” were trained in partnership with the University of Zambia.

The success of the Zambia Climate Leadership Transformation (ZCLT) Summit led to the launch of the report by the then Minister of Land and Natural Resources in May 2021.

Year 3: The Foundation strengthened its governance by expanding its Board of Directors, ensuring a 51% female Board representation and appointment of a female Board Chairperson.  Programs were refined and repositioned to reflect the changing dynamics on the continent.

The Foundation has put in place organizational structures to facilitate expected expansion.  We have entered into new partnerships and are crafting new ones in anticipation of expected growth.