The Africa Leadership Transformation (ALT) Foundation recently concluded a course on African Women Leadership and Mental Wellbeing. We had nearly 300 women from 20 African Countries and others from Germany, Maldives, USA , Australia and New Zealand.

Lani Morris, the founder of The Map of Meaning attended the course. She found the content and methodology very similar to what she is doing. After a couple of meetings, I requested to put together a group of friends to learn of her work.

Meaning is what makes life worth living : It helps us find and hold on to what is worth our attention and our energy.

This is a private invitation to a select group to discuss how to transform relationships and create meaningful communities.

Please confirm your availability on Saturday 23rd October at 0700HRS – 0900HRS (SAT). Fill the form below to RSVP by 19th October so if you cannot make it we have time to give your slot to someone else.