Lake Malawi Anglican University

The establishment of the Lake Malawi Anglican University (LAMAU) was a bold step by the Anglican Diocese of Lake Malawi to help contribute to the national development agenda, through skills development programs at the tertiary level and increase manpower supply in the Church and the nation as a whole.

Theological Education by Extension in Zambia
The vision of the Theological Education by Extension in Zambia (TEEZ) is to prepare all God’s people for the work of Christian Service.  TEEZ exist to equip Christians with relevant theological and social development tools and knowledge through non-residential theological and community development training for effective participation and service for a vibrant, healthy Church and Society.

Map of Meaning
Map of Meaning contributes to the well-being of humanity the world.  It is based on high quality peer-reviewed academic research that is both constant and ever-changing.  It acknowledges that meaning is not a technique, it is an embodied human experience. Since 2000, the organization is run by an international trust that has the responsibility for training people in how to work with the Map of Meaning.

Africa Leadership Transformation

The vision of the Africa Leadership Transformation (ALT) Foundation is to transforming leadership as the key driver of an Africa that works for everyone.  This is being achieved – in partnership with African universities and other organizations – training at least 1 million leaders in 10 African countries by 2050.

Who is a Faith Changemaker?

Faith Changemakers step forward to provide solutions for life’s most pressing problems, based on the call of God upon their lives. Throughout history, faith changemakers have brought fundamental innovations to our world, for the good of all. As the world enters deeper into perilous times, faith changemakers are needed more than ever.

Why Take This course?

The Certificate in Leadership and Faith Changemaking (CLFC) is an online course designed to support faith changemakers in the execution of their Divine assignment. The course equips you with what is needed to begin, be effective or advance your Divine Call.

The 7-Module Course

  • Introduction to Faith Changemaking introduces the subject matter and justifies the urgent need to respond to the Divine
  • The Map of Meaning for Faith Changemakers helps you discover the meaning of life as you respond to your Divine
    call. (A separate certificate is issued for this)
  • The Foundational Factors of Leadership grounds participants on the most important aspect of leadership: integrity.
    Without integrity nothing works
  • Why Leaders Must take a Stand emphasizes that part of the search for solutions is taking a stand.
  • Creating a Created Future focuses on how to create the future you wish to see and how to bring others into this created
  • Forgiveness and Faith Changemaking focuses on the fact that nothing must stand in the way; leaders must forgive
    themselves and others to keep moving forward.
  • Meditation for Faith Changemaking is a Community Event designed to tap into the Divine, strengthen human
    connection and community effect.

The course was designed by top academics from leading African universities, theologians and marketplace leaders
from Kenya, South Africa, Zambia, Malawi and Nigeria. It also includes the Map of Meaning Course from New
Zealand, which has been delivered globally for over 20 years.
Participants are awarded two certificates, a CLFC and an Introduction to Map of Meaning for Faith Changemakers Certificate.


The course is designed upon two critical foundations:
1. Ontology, the study of being enables leaders to relate to themselves – and others – in a way that fully unlocks their
leadership potential. The focus is not on knowing more about leadership, but on the being more of a leader.
2. The cohort methodology acknowledges that adult learning takes place, not only from the Course Leaders, but from
the sharing that takes place between participants.

The course is delivered in partnership with the Lake Malawi Anglican University (LAMAU), Theological Education
by Extension Zambia (TEEZ) and the Map of Meaning International, New Zealand.

Admission requirements

• Commitment to a Divine Call
• Fluency in written and spoken English
• Internet access
• 18-years and above

Watch short videos of the course :