Certificate in Leadership
& Faith Changemaking

You can know a lot about faith changemaking. 
This course is about being a faith changemaker.

You will leave this course being a faith changemaker.

Your Divine Assignment is a call to action and impact. Whether it is at the idea stage, partially implemented or already creating the impact you desire, this course will leave you abundantly clear and empowered to take action. 

You will exercise leadership effectively in your Divine Assignment, leaving you fulfilled as you allow God to be expressed through you to those you are called to.

Course Overview

Throughout history, faith changemakers have brought fundamental innovations to our world, for the good of all. Today, faith changemakers are needed more than ever.

This is a leadership course, specifically designed for faith changemakers. Participants who complete the course get two certificates: A certificate in the Map of Meaning and a Certificate in Leadership and Faith Changemaking (CLFC).

Faith changemakers step forward to provide solutions for life’s most pressing problems, based on the call of God upon their lives.  The course has five ‘practical’ modules focusing on the nuts and bolts of faith changemaking.  The last two modules are focused more on inner development; one focused on forgiveness and the other on meditation.  All the seven modules are designed to build and blend with each other, focusing on transformation of the faith changemaker.

  • Introduction to Faith Changemaking
  • Introduces the subject matter and justifies the urgent need to respond to the Divine call.
  • Introduction to Map of Meaning
  • For Faith Changemakers helps you discover the meaning of life as you respond to your Divine call. (A separate certificate is issued for this)
  • Why Leaders Must Take a Stand in Life
  • Emphasizes that part of the search for solutions is taking a stand.
  • The Foundational Factors of Leadership
  • Grounds participants on the most important aspect of leadership: integrity. Without integrity, nothing works
  • Creating a Created Future
  • Focuses on how to create the future you wish to see and how to bring others into this created future.
  • Forgiveness and Changemaking
  • Focuses on the fact that nothing must stand in the way; leaders must forgive themselves and others to keep moving forward.
  • Meditation for Faith Changemakers
  • Is a Community Event designed to tap into the Divine, strengthen human connection and community effect.

Who Is This Course For


Rising faith changemakers sure of the Divine Call, but unsure of how to start.


Faith changemakers who have already dipped their feet in the waters. You may be stuck or uncertain of the next steps.


These are established faith changemakers. You have been at it for between a year and three years. Somewhere along the line, something stopped you or you are looking to be more strategic, in your faith changemaking.

Course Leaders

Daniel Kamanga

Daniel Kamanga is the Founder and CEO of the South African-based Africa Leadership Transformation (ALT) Foundation.

Lani Morris

Lani Morris is the Co-Founder and CEO of the Map on Meaning International (MoMI) base in New Zealand.

Prof Margaret Oloko

Prof Margaret Oloko is a Director on the Board of the ALT Foundation and former Dean of the School of Business, Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) in Kenya.

Valile Dwayi

Valile Dwayi is the Vice Chairman of the ALT Foundation. He is also Head, Directorate of Short Learning Programs at Walter Sisulu University (WSU).

Rev. Dr. Eileen L. Epperson

Rev. Dr. Eileen L. Epperson is based in the US and has been a Presbyterian minister for 33 years; she was ordained on February 11, 1990, the day when Mandela left Robben’s Island.  She is a grief and forgiveness coach.

Apostle Dr. Ono Abada

Apostle Dr. Ono Abada is the Senior Pastor of LifeGate Assembly for All Nations in Sandton, South Africa. He was CEO of South Africa- Niger Delta Investment Council before going into full-time ministry.

How The Course Came About

The course was designed by top academics from leading African universities, theologians and marketplace leaders from Kenya, South Africa, Zambia, Malawi and Nigeria.  They include partners from the three partner organizations: the Africa Leadership Transformation (ALT) Foundation, the Lake Malawi Anglican University (LAMAU) and the Theological Education by Extension in Zambia (TEEZ).  The Course includes an Introduction to the Map of Meaning from New Zealand, which has been delivered globally for over 20 years.

The course design was supported by Trinity Church Wall Street Philanthropies. After the course was tested with an initial cohort of 100 participants, it was refined with a smaller group. It is now being rolled out to 1,000 participants over a two-year period ending 2024.

Lake Malawi Anglican University

The vision of the university is to be one of leading institutions of higher education, nationality and internationally recognized for the transformation of lives of the people and leadership through biblically based innovative and rigorous, and compassionate approach to education and the provision of quality services built on the fundamental biblical principles and values.

Theological Education by Extension in Zambia

The vision of the Theological Education by Extension in Zambia (TEEZ) is to prepare all God’s people for the work of Christian Service.

Map of Meaning

Map of Meaning contributes to the well-being of humanity. It is based on high-quality peer-reviewed academic research that is both constant and ever-changing.

Africa Leadership Transformation

The vision of the Africa Leadership Transformation (ALT) Foundation is to transforming leadership as the key driver of an Africa that works for everyone.

Course Methodology

The methodology of this course is based on how adults learn.

First, it does not feel like a course. We gather a cohort of participants at various stages of faith change making.  The Course Leaders design a well-facilitated gathering and hold the space for transformative conversations. Although they are subject-matter experts, the Course Leaders blend points raised to identify the real challenges – and opportunities – at hand.  

They help navigate complex group dynamics and difficult conversations to help each faith changemakers realize their purpose. Using the group to push the boundaries on what’s possible. The cohort comes with innovative ways of bringing their faith changemaking projects to live or taking them to a whole new level. 

Second, using the ontological and inquiry methodologies, the Course Leaders focus on the being – not merely the knowing – of faith changemaking. The inquiry methodology helps the faith changemakers create an awareness of where they are looking or listening from. Most of the Divine Assignments are complex and demand multiple interventions; this requires using multiple lenses from which to see the possibilities. It also requires a listening that is aware of, but is not sucked into the challenges. Instead, faith changemakers continuously inquire on the possibility of resolving the wicked, complex, and persistent social problems.

What People Are Saying:

I did the faith changemakers course during my last year in university; it was a busy time for me, but my mom insisted that I find time for it. I am so grateful for the impact the course has had in my life, especially the two modules on integrity and forgiveness. Integrity has built me to be a trusted leader in Society of Anglican Students at university. The module on integrity helped me to be accountable and become role model for my fellow members and students. Forgiveness has enabled me to let go of bitterness. It is now easier not to keep grudges or resentment when someone hurts me. This gives me the space to create the life I want for myself and make a commitment to help others.

Memory Honde

The faith change makers course was exciting. I was and am still delighted that I attended, especially the sessions of leadership, integrity, the Map of Meaning, forgiveness and meditation. I totally have a new perspective on leadership and my conclusion is that leadership is critical to personal and community development. I have since committed to training 500 faith leaders in the next three years. I will also create a foundation that sponsors girl education and raises leaders at early stage of life. I immediately started using aspects on forgiveness during my counselling sessions. Indeed, life is about making a difference.

Rev Davies Kasonso Sikazwe

The faith changemakers course came at a very opportune time for me. I had watched many youths caught and destroyed in the devastating web of drugs. My own family has a first-hand experience with drug abuse; the situation in the family compelled me to do something. It was during the course that it became clear I am called to sensitize our youth on the subject of drug abuse. The course helped me to set aside every excuse. I thought some things were not doable, but my eyes were opened to the possibility of a faith changemaking journey that involves working with juvenile prisons in South Africa. The course empowered me live my life anew, committed to making a positive impact in someone else's life.

Brenda Mngaza
Eastern Cape Province, South Africa

As a third-year Public Health student at the Lake Malawi Anglican University (LAMAU), the course was very different from what I engage with daily. To say the least, it was an amazing eye opener! Three things stood out for me: first, I learnt that integrity is a matter of my word and who I am is my word. The idea that ‘without integrity, nothing works,’ has been life changing. Second, the course gave me agency to create the life I want. To know that this power is in my hands changed me. Third, the module on forgiveness has given me the toolbox to live a life free of resentment and unforgiveness. I am now energized to power ahead in life!

Gift Mwale

The faith changemakers' course transformed my personal life and ministry. The Map of Meaning helped me to rethink how I looked at certain facets of life and broadened my worldview. The meditation module has empowered me to fight difficulty battles in silence. It helped reinforce my Christian foundation, but also acts as medicine to my busy schedules. The forgiveness module awakened me and made me appreciate certain aspects of conflict resolution. Forgiveness gives access to discussing difficult and uncomfortable issues. I am profoundly transformed by what I have learnt.

Rev Cynthia Kabanda

I would like to focus on the Map of Meaning. It really helped me plan my life by making me present to what is meaningful in my life. This course or module enables participants to personalize the learnings to their individual faith changemaking journey. The Course Leaders hold the space for insightful conversations. The diversity of participants creates a great environment to explore what is meaningful in one’s life. Since taking the course I have taken the initiative to reach out to other people in my profession and network more. I feel that step by step, I am becoming a better and happier version of myself.

James K. Muchemi

The faith changemakers course was, to me, a good Samaritan that came to my rescue, at the right time. I was in a state of despair, at a cross road and confused, not knowing which path to take. The course helped reaffirm and shape my vision. It gave me a sense of direction. It also made me resilient and optimistic. I wear this beautiful smile every day because the course made me come to the realization that my existence here on earth is not an accident. I have been chosen specially by God to make the lives of young women better. Now I am intentional about everything I do. I see growth in every aspect of my life and this has made me proud of the woman I am becoming.

Harriet Swanzy-Baffoe

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