The Being a Leader (BAL) course makes a promise: You will leave this course being a leader and exercising leadership effectively as your natural self-expression.  What is it that enables the course to deliver on this promise?

Part of the answer is in how the course instructors are trained as part of the Creating Course Leaders (CCL) program.  To qualify for CCL, one must have completed the BAL and be a full-time university faculty member.

The CCL course has been delivered at:

  • The Center for Character and Leadership Development (United States Air Force Academy), Train the Trainers Workshop (2010), sponsored by the Kaufmann Foundation and the Gruter Institute.
  • Creating Course Leaders Workshops (2013–2017), sponsored by the Erhard-Jensen Ontological / Phenomenological Initiative.
  • We train full time, tenured and tenure-track university faculty members to lead the leadership course in their institutions of higher education. To date, we have trained around 150 faculty – 44 of these extraordinary academics are currently leading this leadership course in its entirety around the world.

The first five instructors in Africa were trained in both Kenya and the USA.  A full CCL course took place in March 2019 and 21 African instructors were trained.  This cohort is currently going coaching and mentoring to be able to independently full BAL training in their universities.  In the meantime, the African CCL instructors are teaching parts of the course within their universities and rolling out short-term programs as part of building their capacity.