African Women’s Leadership and Mental Wellbeing Course

The course untangles the tight knots of life and leaves you clear, with sufficient headroom to create or re-create the life you want.

This course leaves you clear and empowered; it calls forth your leadership as an African woman.

It is not what is covered in the course, it is what you uncover in your life that really matters. 

Course Overview

This is a women-only course.  Each of the course modules has been designed by a woman and all the Course Leaders are women. It is a practical leadership course, tailor-made to tackle the challenges that African women are currently facing.

The course is like a personal laboratory of your life.  You are provided with tools to explore the life you are living.  How can I live my life more fully? What is stopping me to be all I can be? What is meaningful in my life?

The course is offered online as six (6), two and a half hour modules on Zoom.

  • Introduction to the Foundations of Leadership (with emphasis on Integrity)
  • How abuse of power stands in the way of your leadership
  • How redefining resilience can power your feminine leadership
  • Simple – but powerful – strategies for mental wellbeing
  • Forgiving yourself and others: Access to generating your power to lead
  • Sharing Session: Bringing it all together

Who Is This Course For?

This is a practical leadership course, specifically designed for African women: those on the continent, as well as those in the diaspora. Because the experience of women is very similar, we also welcome – and cherish what we learn from - women from all over the world. The course has seen the participation of women from the Maldives, New Zealand, Australia, Germany, and the USA.

Participants must 18-years and above, be fluent in written and spoken English and have internet access.

How The Course Came About

Women comprise a little over half of Africa’s growing population and their contribution to the continent’s economy is extensive.  

Women make up 70% of the informal sector, where work is unstable and poorly paid.  Many educated women are not able to join the formal sector of the economy; they are therefore relegated to the lower levels of informal employment.

This course is designed to call forth the leadership that already exists among African women.  The AWLC is produced in partnership with the University of Zambia (UNZA) and Whitehall, a South African training and skills development company.  Participants get an AWLC Certificate of Attendance.

The course was designed by a multi-disciplinary faculty that includes Prof. Margaret Oloko from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) in Kenya, Dr. Rev. Eileen Epperson, Founder of Spiritual Centre Coaching, Mrs. Millie Rasekoala, Managing Partner at Whitehall, Ms. Angela Philp, Executive and Leadership Coach at Spirited Women Leaders and Mrs. Tolu Afonja, Life and Relationships Coach at Olusola Lanre Coaching Academy (OLCA).

The faculty has expanded to include Ms. Sue Zulu who leads the Forgiveness module and Mrs. Sharon Nattuga, who leads the module on Resilience. Sue is an internationally certified Personal and Transformation Life Coach, Inspirational Speaker and Human Skills Training Facilitator.  Sharon is a Social Worker and mentor at the Grow Hope Foundation, a US-registered 501(c)3 organization based in Uganda.

Africa Leadership Transformation

The vision of the Africa Leadership Transformation (ALT) Foundation is transforming leadership as the key driver of an Africa that works for everyone.

University of Zambia

The University of Zambia exists to provide relevant, innovative, and demand-driven higher education for socio-economic development.

Whitehall Trading

Whitehall Trading is a skills and people development company based in South Africa. It is accredited as a private training institution and has a growing list of accredited training.

Founding Course Leaders

Prof. Margaret Oloko

Dr. Margaret Oloko is a Kenyan and Director of the ALT Foundation. She is an Associate Professor of Business Administration at the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) in Kenya. She has a passion for leadership transformation and has taught the subject in Kenya (at JKUAT and Kenyatta University, KU) and in Ghana (at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, KNUST). Dr Oloko is a Certified Being a Leader Course Leader.

Rev. Dr. Eileen L Epperson

Rev. Dr. Eileen L Epperson is from the USA and has been an ordained Presbyterian minister for over 30 years. She has been active in interfaith dialogue and cooperative interfaith projects for 35 years. She has a private practice in spiritual coaching, focusing on forgiveness, a hidden driver of mental wellness.

Mrs Millie Rasekoala

Mrs Millie Rasekoala is Ghanian-born, UK-educated and South African by marriage. She has a degree in History and Sociology. She is the Managing Member of Whitehall Trading and CEO of Authentic Life Foundation.
Millie is an internationally accredited Life and Entrepreneur Coach, a Facilitator, Speaker, Skills Development Specialist, a Market Place Minister and Business Development Consultant.

Mrs Tolu Afonja

Mrs Tolu Afonja is Nigerian and is a certified Professional in Human Resources, a certified Life Coach, a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), a certified Emotional Intelligence Certified Practitioner (EICP) and an accredited Management Trainer from the Centre for Management Development (CMD). As a Life Coach, she is passionate about mental wellbeing and focuses on helping individuals and organisations to transition from their current state to their desired state, to evolve to thrive as they become the best versions of themselves in achieving peak performance.

Ms. Angela Philp

Ms. Angela Philp is a French national and worked for UNESCO, where she cemented her passion for the advancement of women’s leadership. She continues to work with humanitarian organisations while developing her skill in leadership coaching and training, ontology, meditation and physical strength, all with the goal of helping women own and embody their full leadership power.

Course Leaders

Sue Zulu

Sue Zulu is Zambian and is a globally Certified Leadership & Personal Transformation Coach in good standing with the Certified Coaches Alliance, halfway through her Bachelor’s degree in Leadership and Ministry. She is also currently studying towards a Master’s degree in Education with a focus on Leadership and Management. She has a keen interest in the concept of ubuntu and community building and has been working in the professional training and development industry for around two decades. She is also an inspirational speaker on national television serving the African continent.

Sharon Natugga

Sharon Natugga is Ugandan and she has a bachelor's degree in development studies from Makerere University, Uganda. She is a mentor, social worker and businesswoman and works with women, single mothers and teen mothers on skills empowerment and financial independence. She also empowers girls in school under the “Give Girls a Voice” program, dealing with issues of the girl child, especially on self-esteem, and providing free reusable sanitary pads to girls in rural areas. Sharon is the first child from a polygamous family from where she learnt to be resilient and to bring hope even in hopeless situations.

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