Fall in love with your life again. Create, or re-create the life you want.

You, the African woman are a leader.  You have confronted many challenges and have emotional – and sometimes physical – scars.  These things have undermined your leadership, causing you to slow down, doubt or even consider quitting altogether.

But You, the African woman are a leader.

Leadership is creating a future that would not happen unless it is created.  Everyone woman of sound mind is creating a future for themselves, their family or community. That’s what women do. We are leaders.

The problem is that leadership has been presented as an exclusive club.  The woman in the air-conditioned C-suite is as much a leader as the single mother running an online business from her kitchen.  The woman running an orphanage, spaza shop or selling food in the open market-place is a leader too.

That’s why we have started a movement to democratize leadership.  We are making leadership more accessible to all women.

Will you join us?

The inaugural African Women Leaders Course (AWLC) brought together nearly 300 women from over 20 African countries and their sisters from Germany, the Maldives, New Zealand, Australia and the USA.

For AWCL#2, our target was 150, with the goal of fine-tuning the course and build robust systems to manage the huge demand from various African countries.  Still, the registrations went beyond this number.

As in the first two courses, AWLC#3 will be held in March; it’s a partnership between the Africa Leadership Transformation (ALT) Foundation, the University of Zambia and White Hall, a South African skills, training and development company.

Why this is a course like no other?

By design, most leadership courses are exclusive; by this, we mean that they are so expensive, they are inaccessible to most women.  During the pre-covid era, these courses were held in exclusive resorts, only corporate-sponsored individuals could afford them.  The ivy-league institutions offering these courses have been forced to move online, but they continue to charge exorbitant prices for these courses.

The African Women Leadership Course is an exclusively women-designed course, tailor-made for the challenges that women are facing, especially as a result of the Covid-pandemic.

Women – especially African women – are the true frontline workers: many lost their jobs or their incomes were significantly reduced and have had to home-school their children.  Apart from being online teachers, they have to juggle the challenges of managing their careers or running a home-business.  Many have had to take care of their families after their husbands lost their jobs or they were bereaved.

The course supports the women in whatever challenges they are facing.  It looks at the importance of keeping your word, even when it’s very difficult to do so.

The course looks at the intersection of leadership and forgiveness and gives participants practical tools to develop their resilience.

Women learn about abuse of power – not just at work – but at home.  The course goes deeper and looks at how women abuse power.

At a time when many women are going through numerous challenges, participants leave the course with strategies to ensure their mental wellbeing.

From the onset, the Course Leaders make it very clear that it is not what will be covered, but what participants will uncover about their lives. Treating their lives like a laboratory, participants make meaning from the lives they have lived.  They make critical reflection on the assumptions they have made about their lives.

Over the six weeks, the participants discover for themselves things that have held them back.  They also distinguish what is working and why it’s working.  These “aha” moments, or breakthroughs are self-generated in different settings throughout the course.

The Course Leaders

Dr. Margaret Oloko is a Kenyan and Director of the ALT Foundation. She is an Associate Professor of Business Administration at the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) in Kenya. She has a passion for leadership transformation and has taught the subject in Kenya (at JKUAT and Kenyatta University, KU) and in Ghana (at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, KNUST)


Ms. Angela Philp is a French national and worked for UNESCO, where she cemented her passion for the advancement of women’s leadership. She continues to work with humanitarian organisations while developing her skill in leadership coaching and training, ontology, meditation and physical strength, all with the goal of helping women own and embody their full leadership power.


Rev. Dr. Eileen L Epperson is from the USA and has been an ordained Presbyterian minister for over 30 years. She has been active in interfaith dialogue and cooperative interfaith projects for 35 years. She has a private practice in spiritual coaching, focusing on forgiveness, a hidden driver of mental wellness.


Mrs Millie Rasekoala is South African born in Ghana and grew up in the United Kingdom. She is the owner and Managing Member of Whitehall Trading and Projects, a training, skills and development company. She is a life and entrepreneur coach and skills development expert


Mrs Tolu Afonja is Nigerian and is a certified Professional in Human Resources, a certified Life Coach, a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), a certified Emotional Intelligence Certified Practitioner (EICP) and an accredited Management Trainer from the Centre for Management Development (CMD). As a Life Coach, she is passionate about mental wellbeing and focuses on helping individuals and organisations to transition from their current state to their desired state, to evolve to thrive as they become the best versions of themselves in achieving peak performance.


This course was impactful. Am so grateful to the person who connected me to this African women leadership program. Thank you to all the organisers, sponsors and the beautiful ladies I met in this program. We are leaders and as water we will find our way and make it to the top. INTEGRITY is all about your word and who you are. You must be willing to forgive yourself and others to move forward. We must not abuse the power given to us as leaders and don’t depend on others for your happiness. You are responsible for your own happiness. Don’t worry about anything. Learn to laugh, laughter works like medicine. It renews your youthfulness and reduce stress. Forgive yourself and forgive others. Love you all!!! ❤️❤️❤️.

I joined in a low spirit, sad, bitter, resentful and depressed. Now, I am happier than I was, forgiving and forgives myself easy, grateful for life, my spirit is uplifted. I am not there yet, but I know with time, I will stand firmly again. Once again, thanks to everyone who made this meeting possible.

This has been an eye opening and a great learning experience for me. Meeting so many great women from all corners of the world, listening and sharing in this experience and getting strength from each other to move forward with hope.

I am also grateful to all the ladies who I met in the breakout sessions for being open without judgement, for sharing and listening to each and every one of our life experiences, which helped us all to view things through a different lens that opened a pathway for forgiveness and healing.

I achieved my set goals and had plenty extra. It was far beyond what I had bargained. I’m already feeling the impact and I’m so convinced that the impact of this course will be a long lasting one for me and all I come in contact with. Thank you to the organizers, the presenters and Ms Benz-Howell for giving me the opportunity. To all the ladies that I attended breakout sessions with, thank you. I’ve learnt a lot from you all…

Am already looking forward to applying what I’ve learnt. Indeed, a positive mental well-being is the beginning of great achievements and relationships. Thank you everybody.

Am are stepping out to fulfil purpose.

The course is like harnessing our unique abilities together as a community for the service of humanity.

It was an opportunity to discover common purpose, sharing, unlearning and relearning and growing together as women.

What an amazing community of women. Community is what made me and what I made, it’s what shaped me and what I shape, it’s where I live and where I will die. It’s where am expressed and where I express myself. It’s where I influence and where am influenced. It’d where I will leave my footprint and where others will be born.

Thank you so much for this growing opportunity. It certainly exceeded my expectations. Looking forward to assisting with making the next one a success

Good evening ladies, I just want to say thank you very much for indepth knowledge and great  impartation you have shared with us. The training was outstanding, 👌🏼.  You emptied  yourselves so that we are full and overflowing.

I join my sisters in extending grateful thanks for a wonderful inspiring and uplifting course that has opened my eyes and my heart to the endless potential in my life to impact others by taking command of myself, my thoughts, my actions, my feelings, my freedom and so much more besides.

Thank you very much to the organisers and sponsors for the course. I had so much load I was carrying which affected my leadership. But after this course, a lot was learnt, burdens lifted and hope restored. Forever grateful.