Our Areas Of Focus

  • African Leadership Transformation (ALT)

    In partnership with universities, public and private organizations, our goal is to transform leadership.  The current siloed approach to development needs to be replaced with a systems approach; we assert that where things are not working, leadership is either dysfunctional or non-existent. The Foundation stands for systems and transformative leadership capacity building for women, youth, the science and faith communities.

  • African Women Leadership and Mental Wellbeing

    In 2021/22, we trained nearly 500 women in a 12-months period.  Our goal is to train between 750 and 1,000 women annually.  The AWLC is women-focused, women-designed and women-led leadership course.  It focuses on five most urgent and critical areas of women leadership: integrity, forgiveness, resilience, abuse of power and strategies for mental well-being.

  • African Faith Changemakers Leadership Transformation (AFCLF)

    Faith changemakers have been at the forefront of transforming the world for the common good.  In Africa, faith changemakers are providing homes for abused women, taking care of orphans, training adults to read and write and helping the youth make a livelihood from their skills and talents.  The ALT Foundation asserts that faith changemakers are needed now more than any other time in history.  We are providing faith-inspired changemakers with leadership training, initially in Malawi and Zambia, but increasingly in the rest of the continent.

  • African Climate Leadership Transformation

    The Covid pandemic altered the context of conversations around climate transformation. On one hand, the early lockdowns resulted with tangible evidence of the negative effect of human activity on the environment.  On the other hand, the pandemic revealed that new leadership was required to tackle the emerging challenges.  The ALT Foundation held the Zambia Climate Leadership Transformation (ZCLT) Summit in at the height of the pandemic in 2020.

    The Summit revealed the need to densify the interconnections between different individuals and organizations in Zambia; seeing this as a leadership challenge, the ALT Foundation launched the InnoVuntu Initiative (https://innovuntu.org/) which seeks to – among other things – strengthen and build transformative leadership able to tackle the existing and emerging climate-related challenges.