Lake Malawi Anglican University

The establishment of the Lake Malawi Anglican University (LAMAU) was a bold step by the Anglican Diocese of Lake Malawi to help contribute to the national development agenda, through skills development programs at the tertiary level and increase manpower supply in the Church and the nation as a whole.

Theological Education by Extension in Zambia
The vision of the Theological Education by Extension in Zambia (TEEZ) is to prepare all God’s people for the work of Christian Service.  TEEZ exist to equip Christians with relevant theological and social development tools and knowledge through non-residential theological and community development training for effective participation and service for a vibrant, healthy Church and Society.

Map of Meaning
Map of Meaning contributes to the well-being of humanity the world.  It is based on high quality peer-reviewed academic research that is both constant and ever-changing.  It acknowledges that meaning is not a technique, it is an embodied human experience. Since 2000, the organization is run by an international trust that has the responsibility for training people in how to work with the Map of Meaning.

Africa Leadership Transformation

The vision of the Africa Leadership Transformation (ALT) Foundation is to transforming leadership as the key driver of an Africa that works for everyone.  This is being achieved – in partnership with African universities and other organizations – training at least 1 million leaders in 10 African countries by 2050.

You can choose changemaking as a career, part-time or second-half game. Whatever you decide, this online course – led by world-class faculty of thought-leaders – will enable you to be an effective changemaker.


Module 1: Launch & Orientation

Fri March 25, 18h00-19h30 CAT

You get to know the institutions involved, the Course Leaders as well as your peers on the faith-inspired changemaking journey.

Module 2: Map of Meaning

Sat March 27, 09h00-12h00 CAT

We introduce you to a framework that will support you in creating a meaningful faith-inspired change-making journey as well as a meaningful life.  This is a stand-alone course; but we have included it to lay a strong foundation for the Faith-inspired Changemakers Leadership Course.

Module 3: Leadership & Changemaking

Sat Apr 2, 09h00-12h00 CAT

The focus of this section is to ground you in, perhaps, the most important aspect of leadership: integrity.  Although we look at leadership from various angles, by the end of this module, you will have distinguished that without integrity – which we define as “a matter of your word, nothing more, nothing less – nothing works.

Module 4: Power of Taking a Stand

Fri Apr 8, 18h00-20h30 CAT

Faith-inspired changemakers have been at the forefront of transforming the world for the common good. Any time you see a problem in society – abused women, orphans, adult illiteracy and youth unemployment – all it takes is taking a stand and doing something about it from the stand you have taken.

Module 5: Creating a New Future

Sat Apr 9, 09h00-11h30 CAT

Faith changemakers see a problem in the world and won’t rest until the problem is solved.  In this module, you get grounded on the ‘technology’ of creating a future in which the problem doesn’t exist.  

Module 6: Forgiveness & Changemaking

Sun Apr 10, 18h00-20h30 CAT

You will make mistakes and do things that hurt others.  People will also hurt you and you will need to forgive them.  Unless you master how to forgive yourself – and others – you will be held back from what you can contribute to the world.