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    Our Vision

    Transforming leadership as the key driver of an Africa that works for everyone

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    Our Mission

    To train at least 1 million leaders in 10 African countries in the next 10 years



Most of Africa’s challenges can be traced to ineffective, defective or all-together absent leadership.  The inability to see leadership as a development imperative – the key to an Africa that works for everyone – has obscured the real solution to Africa’s numerous challenges.

In the post-Covid era, leadership must be about the bottomline.  The pandemic has unveiled leadership as what stands in the way of an Africa that works for everyone.  The ALT Foundation is committed to a results-focused leadership. We can’t continue on the current trajectory and expect different results.

Africa urgently needs a new model of leadership in Africa.

Most leadership programs are expensive and out of reach to most people. They are primarily targeted at corporates, especially top and middle-level management.  In the pre-Covid era, leadership programs took place in exclusive resorts. This exclusiveness of leadership education is compounded by the fact that executive education – especially by international and African ivy league universities – is out of reach for most people.

The ALT Foundation is democratizing leadership education.  Technology is not our only ally in this; in an era where knowledge is available to all, our focus is on the being of leaders.

ALT is Ready for the future of Leadership Education

Before the Covid pandemic, the ALT Foundation delivered in-person, large-scale leadership courses in partnership with African universities.

The last such course was in February 2020 and was attended by nearly 80 people at the Kwame Nkuruma University of Science and Technology (KNUST) in Kumasi, Ghana.

To continue delivering programs during the pandemic, the Foundation had to master how to deliver large-scale online offerings that engage people in a different way.  In October 2020 – in partnership with the University of Zambia (UNZA) – the Foundation successfully delivered the Zambia Climate Leadership Transformation (ZCLT) Summit, at which nearly 50 “climate leaders” were trained.

In August and September 2021 – again, in partnership with UNZA and Whitehall, a South African learning and skills development company – the Foundation hosted over 200 women from 20 African countries — and a wide range of stakeholder groups – for a Women Leadership and Mental Wellbeing course.